Advising Program

Advising our students is an essential part of education at Jacobs University. Due to its numerous off-campus courses the Earth and Environmental Science program in particular offers many opportunities for informal discussions between professors and students. Each student has an individual Advisor who will guide her/him through the three years of training at Jacobs University. Students are also supported by the EES program coordinator and by senior students. Appointments may be arranged on short notice and we will help you to:

• clarify your education and career goals

• explore programs

• choose courses that relate to your goals and interests

• address concerns about your studies

• develop strategies for academic success from first-year to graduation

• identify skill-building opportunities

• problem-solve if you are struggling

• explore academic options when faced with a personal/family emergency

• determine appropriate accommodation support when required

• determine where to go for additional information

• find interesting internships

• apply for graduate schools or industry jobs

The modular structure of the undergraduate programs allows students to gain first-hand experience and a sound background in the fields of Earth and Environmental Science, Chemistry and Physics during the first year of studies. If within the first year a student feels that she/he would rather prefer to proceed to a B.Sc. in Chemistry or Physics, a change of the major is possible without major problems (though in the past this was highly unusual: only less than 2% of the students decided to do so).
During the second year, students can get experience in the social sciences and economy, in addition to their Earth and Environmental Science courses . They might want to get an introduction to environmental policy and global economics, sustainable development, natural and human-driven environmental change, or social entrepreneurship – all areas into which some ESS alumni have moved after graduation.

The broad education at Jacobs ensures that potential employers can be confident that graduating students are capable of easily adopting to an interdisciplinary working environment. Our students bring an in-depth knowledge of their specific field of Earth and Environmental Science, as well as basic knowledge of other focus areas at Jacobs University to their future workplace or the program they choose for graduate studies. A broad background is particularly relevant when dealing with the complex environmental challenges of today’s world. In the EES program, students gain the skills and ability to think outside the box of a focus discipline.
The intercultural aspect of studying at Jacobs University is also important. There are few other universities where you can live and study as closely with students from more than 100 countries; or as the Board Member for Human Resources of one of the largest German companies once concluded: “This internationally and interculturally oriented university is structured to reflect what we as businesses demand from university graduates. What we are looking for are extremely well-educated lateral thinkers, who are able to work in a network structure”.

And then… after three great years at Jacobs University, there is time for some final advice from faculty during the special annual EES graduation event… (you may need the latest version of your browser for that link)