ESS Seminar today with Wilken von Appen, Henrik Thomsen & Arjun Kumar

Come to the ESS Seminar today (22nd Sept. 20115, 17:15 – 18:30, R3 Lecture Hall) and listen to Dr. von Appen (ESS alumni, currently at AWI), Henrik Thomsen (ESS Alumni, currently at Delft) and Arjun Kumar (Exchange / Internship student, Imperial College London). Henrik and Arjun are going to give you a quick overview of their respective universities and programs. Wilken von Appen, in addition to providing some insight into the integrated PhD program at MIT, is also going to highlight some of the science work he is involved in at the AWI.

Hence, for all those interested in internships, BSc thesis topics or MSc/PhD programs in the geo / environment world – come to the seminar and be inspired !