Our EES Program 

What is the Earth & Environmental Sciences Program Actually Like?

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Welcome to Our EES Program 

The EES program at Jacobs is an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree that aims to give grads the best and most broad range education possible through our "3C" module system

Get familiarized with JU's course system for all 3 years

Known as our "EES Bible", this link will take you to Jacobs' main site, with the EES handbook that outlines the entire program. 

One of the biggest advantages of studying EES at Jacobs is our excursions. Here you will find information about our current excursion opportunities. 


The 3C Module System

The 3C module system is the framework for every program at Jacobs. It outlines which courses you need to take during your time here, and when you need to take them. Additionally, the "3Cs" encompass the goal of Jacobs Univeristy: giving students an interdisciplinary education that will set them up for the future. 

The 3Cs broken down are: CHOICE (year 1), CORE (year 2), and CAREER (year 3)

CHOICE: Your first year at Jacobs is the year to establish your foundation, while also taking courses from a different area of your choice. 

CORE: Second year Jacobs students focus on the essentials of their major. For EES, your second year will be the bulk of your undergrad eduation, and the "core" of your degree. 

CAREER: Students in their third year have several options at Jacobs for their 5th semester. We offer two "CAREER" plans: Campustrack or Worldtrack. Campustrack students stay on campus to take additional CORE classes in another field, finish necessary credits, and work a bit on their bachelor thesis. Worldtrack students either take an internship of their choice for 4 months, or go abroad to one of the partner schools Jacobs has. All students return for the 6th semester. 

You can read more about the module system on Jacobs' website for EES (look for "UG Module Handbook")  here.

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